Building a Galaxy of AI Smart Contracts

GenLayer is a blockchain that shatters the bounds of smart contracts by making them intelligent and connected to the internet.

Building the future of decision making

The Intelligence Layer of the Internet

Genlayer’s AI-powered Smart Contracts, called “Intelligent Contracts”, are capable of processing natural language and interacting with the web, unlocking a plethora of new use cases.

Regular Law Smart Contracts Intelligent Contracts
Not Self Enforcing Self Enforcing Self Enforcing
Internet Access No Internet Access Internet Access
Expensive Cheap Cheap
Slow Fast Fast
Natural Language Limited Code Natural Language + Code
Not Future Proof Not Future Proof Future Proof

Transforming Today, and Tomorrow

Near-Term Use Cases

Programmable Oracles

GenLayer enables smart contracts to access and utilize real-time data from external sources directly. This functionality allows for the automatic adjustment of contract terms based on external information, such as financial market fluctuations, weather conditions, or news updates, enhancing the adaptability and relevance of blockchain applications.

Decentralized Games

Leveraging GenLayer, developers can create games with narratives that evolve based on player decisions, enabled by decentralized decision-making processes. This approach integrates blockchain technology for asset management within the game, allowing for unique, player-driven story development and asset ownership.

Trustless Knowledge Bases

This use case involves creating decentralized platforms for aggregating, validating, and disseminating information. By incentivizing contributions through blockchain mechanisms, such platforms aim to compile accurate and reliable data from various internet sources, establishing a verified repository of knowledge accessible to anyone.

Agentic DAOs

The goal is to advance Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to operate with true autonomy and agency. These DAOs would be capable of making decisions and executing actions based on predefined algorithms and rules, without the need for continuous human oversight, thus enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Usecases of today
Usecases of the future

The Network that will enable AGI Commerce

Beyond the singularity, in a world where everyone has an AGI in their pocket, GenLayer aims to be the jurisdiction where Humans and AIs will commerce in a trustless manner. Not Through Lawyers, Only Through Code.

The Intelligent Contract Network

GenLayer redefines blockchain with Intelligent Contracts that understand and process natural language, making decisions with real-time web data. This leap beyond the limitations of traditional smart contracts heralds a new era of decision-making autonomy.

AI Integration

GenLayer elevates smart contracts using Large Language Models (LLMs) for understanding, interpreting, and acting on natural language. This innovation brings unprecedented flexibility and adaptability to contract execution.

Internet Access

Intelligent Contracts uniquely access and analyze internet data, enabling real-time, informed decision-making and global event responsiveness—transforming static contracts into dynamic, web-aware entities.

Unique Consensus Algorithm

Our consensus mechanism, termed "Optimistic Democracy" blends Delegated Proof-of-Stake with Optimistic Execution and Democratic Voting for swift, fair, and accurate transactions. This fusion of AI efficiency with democratic robustness ensures GenLayer’s future-proof protocol.

Join the GenLayer Revolution

Embark on GenLayer’s revolutionary journey to unlock blockchain’s full potential, crafting a more interconnected, intelligent, and efficient world. Experience the future with contracts that intelligently navigate the web’s vast information landscape.

Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to GenLayer, where we’re not just improving blockchain—we’re redefining what’s possible.

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